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Yoga For Educators

Offering Wellness Yoga Session, Staff Training, Workshops

Yoga Child's Pose
Yoga for Educators: Welcome

Wellness Yoga Session

All Classes are customized by RECE and RYT

45-60 Mins All-Levels Yoga Classes,

60  Mins Yoga + Mindfulness Meditation,​

Restorative Yoga for Deep Rest and Relaxation

Candle lights is option 

This calming Yoga session is designed for educators who need to relax and stretch! Enjoy slow-paced, flowing moves and gentle poses that will help you strength and flexibility without placing any strain on your body

This class will not only improve your overall levels of health and wellbeing, it is perfect for reducing stress and developing a calm, serene mind. Just experience yoga truly as a moving meditation.

*Benefits : Create a mindful  working environment, and helps you build a healthier and stronger body and promotes peace and mindfulness that counteracts your day-to-day stresses.

-No yoga experience is necessary

-Workshop designed by RECE, RYT

-Note that this yoga is adapted from Hatha, Flowyoga, and Vinyasa  

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Wellness Workshops

All Workshops are customized by RECE and RYT

4 Week Series for Absolute Beginners

6 weeks Series Yoga for Better Mental Health

Each session is 60 mins / 75 mins 

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Staff Training - Kids Yoga 101

All of our Workshops are customised by RECE and RYT

In this workshop, educators will gain knowledge about how to bring mindfulness to your classroom. Activities and lesson plans will provide to all participants

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Become a Kids Yoga Teacher

Who is This Training for?
School Teachers, Supply Teachers, and Principals
Early Childhood Educators, Teaching Assistants, and Managers
Yoga Teachers
Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents
Youth Leaders and Community Leaders
Doctors, Pediatricians, and Health Promoters
all those who care for children’s physical and emotional health and well-being
Choose Young Yoga Masters to mentor and support you on your path to teaching kids yoga.

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